Domestic 50W 4500K LED High Bay Light

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The ENSA LEDHBD50WXK series of domestic LED high bay lights comprises LED luminaires with high light output and low energy consumption. They are an ideal solution for applications in high ceiling residential and small commercial environments including retail, storerooms, public spaces, workshops, assembly lines, display lighting etc. They are an effective energy efficient alternative to conventional high power consumption lights such as high-pressure sodium, mercury vapour and metal halide high bay lights and can save up to 70% on power costs. The LEDHBD50WXK series features a high surface area aluminium heatsink design for thermal efficiency. As with all professional ENSA LED lighting products, the LEDHBD50WXK is assembled and quality tested in Australia to ensure long-term reliability and performance. The LEDHBD50WXK comes standard with a 90° aluminium reflector, 4500K natural white colour temperature and eyelet mount. 45° and 120° beam angle aluminium reflectors and alternative colour temperatures are optionally available.